Most Recent Nutrition Science Findings You Need To Read Before Your Next Meal

Posted on August 22, 2017

Have you seen that hilarious Time Travel Dietitian video?

A nutritionist from the future keeps appearing in some family’s bathroom, delivering the ever-changing trends on red meat, carbs, and cholesterol, and completely ruining poor folks’ meal.

"Wait, we were wrong about the steak! It’s the toast!"

Here at Juice From The Raw we appreciate nutrition-related humor.

We also love science. Diet trends keep changing faster than Kardashians’ hairstyles—low-fat! Not, low-carb! Eat paleo! Detox on baby food!—can you blame us for growing more skeptical? No more fads—show us solid data and research stats.

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Last couple of weeks has been particularly rich in terms of nutrition findings. Some were insightful and others made our eyes roll. Here’s a roundup of the most important scientific discoveries which you might want to read before your next meal.

Not All Plant-Based Diets Are Good

STAT News reports on a recently published study performed by researchers at the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health. Researchers were monitoring people who adhered to the following plans.Overall plant-based diet was about eating all plant foods and reducing the intake of animal foods; a healthful plant-based diet emphasized the intake of whole grains, fruits, and vegetables; and an unhealthful plant-based diet allowed the intake of less-healthy plant foods.

So, all these folks were eating more or less plant-based,and here is what happened—”those who followed a healthful plant-based diet had a 25 percent lower risk of coronary heart disease, while those who followed an unhealthful plant-based diet had a 32 percent increased risk.” Ouch. The moral of the story? You can eat plant-based—and still manage to overdose on refined carbs and ruin your health. Careful, peeps.

Overdosing On Protein Is A Thing

Until recently, we all kind of thought that there is no upper limit on protein consumption. Surely, you don’t want to skip on it—especially if you workout. But can you actually eat too much? As it turns out, yes. recently published an article “Is our love of protein hurting our health?” where it reports on urea cycle disorder. This is a rare medical condition—” byproducts of protein don't leave the body like they should. Instead, they build up in the blood, and can cause coma or death.” While such grave outcomes aren’t exactly an everyday occurrence, some experts believe we are getting way more protein than we actually need, which might negatively impact our health. The moral of the story? Well, protein is just like every other thing on this planet—caution is advised.

Drinking Saves You From An Early Grave

According to the Daily Mail, “a scientific report last week suggested that light-to-moderate boozing slashes the risk of an early death by a fifth.” Hmm. But wait, there is more.

The study published last week by the American College of Cardiology claims that “adults who had more than three drinks a week but less than 14 (seven for women) slashed their risk of early death from all causes by 25 per cent for women drinkers and 13 per cent for male drinkers.”

Still not convinced, sorry. An occasional glass of wine night not harm your body, but seven per week? We’ll stick to the juice, thank you very much.