Three Mind Tricks To Make Your Green Juice Taste Less Green

Three Mind Tricks To Make Your Green Juice Taste Less Green

Green juices aren’t exactly taste bud pleasers. Like one Facebook user put it—”I forgot how green these juices taste.” Yep, they do—that’s the whole point.

Technically, there are so many ways to make that green liquid stuff more foodie-friendly. Like, adding a splash of soy milk or a tad of agave syrup. But that'd be cheating—besides, like it or not, green juices are supposed to be consumed unaltered.

So, does it mean that drinking green juice needs to be a torturous experience, like burpees at the gym?

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Well, here’s the thing. It’s no secret that our relationship with food—solid or liquid—is largely psychological. The reason why we feel starved and ‘hangry’ during a juice cleanse is mostly emotional. After all, juice cleansing isn’t a low-calorie meal plan. Juices tasting ‘green’—too blank, unadventurous, liquid—is also a purely psychological phenomenon. So, trick your mind, and your body will power through that juice cleanse with ease. Yeah, you can’t play with the content. But… You can always change the presentation. Here’s some ideas how. 

Freeze green juice into a popsickle

Green popsickles on a white plate, spinach and bananas

Lies to tell yourself: "I am enjoying an ice cream. A very healthy one. A green sorbet." 

Pour yourself a cocktail

Green juice in a martini glass with a lemon wedge on  brown table

Well, a mocktail really. But it doesn't matter. Just be generous with the garnish—and don't forget to toss it once you are done with that juice. 

Instagram your juices

woman taking a picture of a plate full of food

Like - religiously. Science says that posting an image of a dish to Instagram may make it taste better. So, invest in colorful, funky straws, find fancy glasswear, and document your "drinking green juice every day" endeavor on social media. Additional bonus—overwhelming support from the like-minded community.

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