Our Story

In 1976, Ouri Galili established a small fruit and vegetable store in Brooklyn to support his children and wife while living in the back apartment. Working with the local community, Ouri’s Fruit became the premier fruit and vegetable shop in the Brooklyn area. Today, Juice from the Raw has grown from that humble beginning to three locally based storefronts operated by Ouri’s five children.

The Galili family ventured into organic farming just under a decade ago. We grew tomatoes, peppers, squash, and cucumbers. We also rallied farmers in the Dominican Republic to make a fair living off of organic produce and sustainable practices and remain staunch advocates for sustainable, arable farmland preservation. Juicing became our focus in 2005, and unlike the juice cleanse craze that’s swept the country, we started out and continue to sell our juices at normal, grocery store prices.

Keeping with the mantra of everyday priced produce available fresh to anyone who buys it, Juice from the RAW continues to grow in popularity and preference. Where our competitors are after your wallet, we are after your health and want to provide you with the best quality juices for a reasonable price.

From the entire Galili family, we welcome you to the juicing world and hope you’re here to stay with our tens of thousands of satisfied customers. You’re going to love our juices as much as we love making them, that is our promise. Our on-site nutritionist, Sari Dana, helped coordinate our cleanse program, so thank you Sari for all of your help! Feel free to contact us with any questions, comments, or ideas and one of our family members will contact you as soon as possible.

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Thanks to all of our clients…from the whole Galili Family!

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