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So much better than others

I recently purchased the 3 day cleanse. Unfortunately, I found it through another site and not this one, so I can't get credit, but this still deserves a review. I completed day 1 one today. I was pleasantly surprised at how good each of the drinks were. I've done other brand juices and they were not as good. I will definitely be purchasing this cleanse in the future and will be letting my friends know! On to day 2!

Great as always

I had ordered the 10 day cleanse and before I had even finished that I had already ordered the 2nd round because I feel amazing since I started this

Great quality!

I did the 5 day cleanse and loved every juice! I’m looking forward to becoming a return customer

Love it ! Was a great tasting juice

I bought the 10 day cleanse , and love it was great cleanse I highly recommend

Skip the cashew milk!

All of the juices were excellent, except the cashew coffee milk. The flavor of the cashew milk was good and it satisfied my need for coffee in the morning, but the consistency was not okay. I felt full the entire 3 days. Besides the cashew milk, I would highly recommend!

The experience

Great teasing juices

First Juice Cleans

First Juice Cleanse and it was amazing.

Good tasting juices

So I’m giving it 3 stars and here’s why. I personally did a juice cleanse with organic veggies with a juicer myself last year, this year I was being lazy and decided to purchase them. These juices are all tasty, but almost too sweet to be veggie juices. I noticed I didn’t use the restroom like I did with me preparing my juices. I didn’t feel nourished. It did help lose 6 lbs in 5 days but that was just from not eating. I think next time I will be preparing my own juices instead of taking short cuts.

Best tasting juice cleanse I’ve done!

Taste great, Feel great

I have tried the 5 days juice cleans and lunch a few times and I am never disappointed, all of the juices taste amazing and I enjoy a vegan lunch which I try a new vegan salad daily that I am in my own home.

Juice Cleanse With Coconut Fusion

This is my fourth juice cleanse and it was great. The flavors are easy to drink and all tasted great. I wasn’t that hungry over the 3 days either, couple times it hit me but I powered through. Lost about 7 pounds and felt really good. Highly recommend.

Continued customer

Great way to reset your body. I found this round of juice cleanse was difficult after the holidays. I was much hungrirr and wanted to eat so badly. Afterwards, I feel a lot better and lost 3 lbs which is typical. This is my 3rd time using from Juice From the Raw. I would only use them. Delivery was on time and all drinks were still frozen.

10-Day Cleanse Dinner n' Snack

Always a great experience!

I typically get the 5 day juice with the lunch option, but also have gotten the 3 day cleanses. Both are great options.

Really great tasting juices

Love the flavors. It gave me so much energy and didn’t upset my stomach. Really great cleanse. Will do again and again

Great taste!

Lost 10 pounds on this product. Wasn’t a real fan of the coconut one but I love the other flavors. I will definitely buy from again.

Great taste

All had great taste and helped jumpstart my new year of healthier eating!

Didn't enjoy the texture of the this one

Tasted okay.
No matter how much I shook or stir, the milk was chunky/gritty. This was my least favorite of the cleanse

Great tasting

Love this product .. great tasting .. it arrived frozen …will purchase again

Not what I thought at all!!

My first concern was I had ordered through Groupon. You have to go to the website and put in the code given. On the website it says free shipping. When I put in the code, it made me pay $30 “Groupon shipping.” I ordered two and had to pay each shipping separately. I emailed them and got no response.

Now to the juice: I bought the probiotic 3-day. The juices tastes good! By day 3 I was starving but pushed through.to be honest both myself and my husband did it and it did not make us feel any different than hungry. We didn’t have more energy or felt cleansed. It was definitely a waste of $240.

Juice Cleanse with Coconut Fusion

U will lose weight but…

The weight will definitely come off assuming you follow the plan. Expect hunger pains and a few headaches. Get over it. That’s not the biggest beef I have. The biggest beef is the fact the majority of the juices aren’t 100% juice. In many cases it could be as low as 20%. That said, this is the third or fourth time I’ve bought the juice cleanse package. I buy it because it works. It does get the weight off. And I can only hopefully assume that it is cleansing my body.

Very Satisfied

This cleanse helped me get back on track with my digestive system.

Perfect for New Year

Really like to start/end my day with the detox tea. Only just started & glad I added this product on.

Great cleanse

Nice way to start the year, tasty even though Raw juice, ordered another - this time 5 day

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