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Down 21 lbs

I started juicing with juice from the raw 5 months ago and have lost 21lbs. Once I'm done I look forward to my next cleanse. The drinks taste great and I'm obsessed.

Leslie D.
Not a fan of the new cashew coffee milk

I usually get the same build a box juices and my favorite was the cashew coffee milk until now. :(. It is too think and hard to drink. Had to mix with more coffee and ice. Please go back to the way it was!

Superb and Natural

I have dealt with them for years now and I can vouch for the them as company and as the real deal when it comes to juicing. Their product is good and they're shipping is reliable. All for a fair cost to us, the customers, thank you Juice from the RAW!

Maintenance Greens
Jennifer N.
Go to quick breakfast or lunch

Having maintenance screens in the house is a must. Perfect for a quick breakfast, lunch or dinner. They have become a family favorite.

Midnight Magic
Asia T.G.

Midnight Magic


This is one.of.my top favorites, I order it every month.

These green drinks are delicious and convenient. And, they make me feel great. Would definitely recommend.

Love that flavors not a problem drinking them

Never got this item

Always delicious

Have ordered several times and this is one of favorite flavors. So happy you can now build your own packs!

Great reset to the system.

Love all of them

Juices are delicious

7-Day Juice Cleanse
Savannah S.

I’ve tried several different brands when doing juice cleanses and this one was by far the best! All the juices tasted amazing, so it made this cleanse my favorite. I feel fantastic after doing it and I find myself looking for healthier options now to stick with the great feeling. I feel way more aware and noticed having a lot more energy. I’m definitely making this my regular go to.

Ashley D.

Great juice as always

Amazing juices!

This is my second order and I love the juices! They fill me up and are tasty!

Never received product

Awesome Juice Cleanse Can’t Wait to do it Again

I was skeptical of a juice cleanse but decided to give the 3 day with coconut fusion a shot. I generally eat clean so didn’t have too much preparing before hand. The first day was exciting at first ended up with a headache and low energy by my third drink but pushed through it. Day 2 and 3 were a breeze. Wasn’t really hungry at all but drank all 6 juices a day. All the juices are pretty good, 2 of them were a little hard to get down but would just chug it in 2 sips with a straw. By the end of the cleanse I’ve lost 1 inch of my waist 2 inches of my hips and 7lbs down! I’m kinda sad it’s over but will 100% be doing it again!

First time juicing

I bought the beginner combo and I was pleasantly surprised. I enjoyed every single one and I felt amazing after doing the two day. I liked so much I ordered more.

Raspberry Lemonade😊

Totally loved the flavor of the raspberry lemonade. Very tasty 😋


I’m impressed by the cold press! I was extremely surprised of how fresh and delicious the juices were. The juices came frozen and well packaged. I did the 5 day cleanse. I chose the juices I wanted to try because there were certain juices in the bundle that I know I would not like. I was pleased with the juices I chose. I will order the maintenance greens next.

Good juice to take on occasion. Customer service is great!

Always better to have shipping protection these days

Feel great!

Enjoyed all the juices. They were very light and refreshing but filled me up enough to go without food through the day. Will definitely buy again.


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