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Karen Herlands
Love that I Can Choose

That Coconut Fusion is outstanding. However, the cashew milk cold brew coffee got all clumpy. I love the new Beet flavor and Roots with a Cause> So amazing. I would definitely Build-A-Box again. I have ordered from you many, many times and even though I make my own juices, I like the grab and go and no cleanup on occasion.


Loved the combination of products and the results! Doing it again in a few weeks!

Julie DiJoseph
Juices are all wonderful!

Even though hadn’t tried many of the juices before, I’ve enjoyed every one. Giving 4 stars only because of long shipping time and so much non recyclable foam in packaging.

Love it!

Amazing taste and amazing results!

Sweet Greens
Kellie Siegel

Love this juice
Game changer!

Great cleanse

Third time using this company's juice for a 3 day cleanse. Juices are always fresh and taste as expected. Only reason for the 4 stars was because the packaging. There was juice spilled all over inside the packaging making everything a mess.

Great cleanse

The cashew coffee milk does not travel as well as the juices so I wd do a different combo next time for my cleanse.

Great restart

First time doing a juice cleanse. I loved it! I felt great and only got a little hungry on the third day.
Not a big fan of the cashew milk one but the rest tasted great.

Cleanse Review

After the first day of my 5 day cleanse I felt amazing, the juice and eating vegetables a few times kept me full and would recommend. Will be doing it again in a few months!

Coconut Fusion
Helen Jarnes
Delicious and dependable

Each time I've ordered I've been very happy with all I've received. Very fresh tasting, no added sugar, healthy and delicious! Always arrives and stated.

Coconut Fusion
Kelli Allen

This tastes like a light tropical drink. Not to swat and very creamy. Kept me from feeling hungry


Some flavors we have had to adjust to, but some are really delicious! I do like how I feel after I drink them. Over all would recommend.

3 Day Probiotic Cleanse

Disappointed that I ordered two sets to do with a friend so we could experience our first cleanse together and only one set arrived. The set that did arrive was well packaged and exactly as described. Took a full week to get the second set so did not get to do the cleanse together as we had hoped. Response from representative was timely but on two different occasions was told it would be here the next day and it wasn’t.

Best juice ever

Just delicious. Have one every day!! Can’t do without. Never stop making. Do uniquely delicious and nutritious

Loved it

I definitely recommend this cleanse. I was never really hungry and still had energy. The juices are very filling! I had a small salad each night. I plan to do this again when I’m looking to cleanse, recharge and lose a couple pounds.

Padmaja Surendranath


9 Day Vitamin C Cleanse

I’ve done juice cleanse in the past, never for 9 days. Definitely a more pleasurable experience than I imagined. Majority of the juices were tasty, my least favorite was the “blood orange” & “skinny shake”. By day 5, my mouth was looking for texture… I purchased some nuts and that seemed to do the trick. Overall, great quality for a great price. Would definitely do another juice cleanse in the future!!!


Taste great

Great juice plan

The juice cleanse helped me to reset my system and prepare for better eating habits.

Vicky Valdes
I love the Build a Box

The Build-A-Box option has been a great option!! I like that opportunity of being able to choose the juices I want instead the prepared options.

Probiotic cleanse

I purchased the Probiotic Cleanse. First, the customer service is excellent. They handled all my questions and concerns in a timely manner. The juices were excellent with the exception of the greens detox.. I could not stomach the smell and threw the bottles away. Will definitely buy again, just not that particular blend.

Coconut Fusion
Noticeably Effective

Love Coconut Fusion…best way to start the day!

Raspberry Lemonade
Renee Broussard

I was shocked it tastes so great to be so healthy

Juice Box with Lunch

I couldn’t finish my juice cleanse because I broke out into a rash over my entire body so didn’t get to finish juice and spent $100. Live and learn I guess

Juice Cleanse with Coconut Fusion

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