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Effective and beneficial

I’m now on my fifth set of bottles of which each is worth it! I have learned how to eat healthy now. It trained my mind and my taste palette to enjoy fruits and vegetables versus meat and carbohydrates which turns into unhealthy excessive sugars that makes me feel sluggish. Since then I have gained from 168 lbs to 148 lbs. my ideal weight is 145 lbs. So Big Thanks to JuiceFromTheRaw!!! I am excited to receive my recent order with probiotics! I can taste the freshness and quality of every drop of this wonderful precious juices!

Tastes great

I really enjoyed the flavors. I will buy them again.

PAuline YArl
Good juices

Very good and healthy. Keeps me full during the day

Low Sugar Juice Cleanse

Diana Zervas

I am so happy I discovered juice from the raw. It has been a staple in my diet for months now. I love the new build a box and all the new juices. Incorporating these products into my life has helped keep me focused on my health goals along with the nutritional benefits

9-Day Vitamin C Juice Cleanse

Juice Cleanse with Coconut Fusion


Your juices were so delicious and made it so easy to do my cleanse, I feel great and will definitely order again soon!

Sweet Greens
Jacqueline Danner
Raw Sweet Greens

Love the flavor and it is fulfilling.

Jeanette de Armas

the juice on it’s own has too strong a ginger taste. What I do is add addt’l fresh or frozen organic berries & a splas of lemon or lime juice , blend it well and then it’s great.

Juice Cleanse with Coconut Fusion

Tasty juices

I like the ease of receiving these juices for a cleanse. I wish info was included on regarding which juice to drink when over the 5 days but I made my own plan based on what was included. There was a card stating tips, like avoiding exercise, only supplementing with raw veggies and nuts, etc. i chose to continue exercising every day and only add raw vegetables and I was still full. Did this for a true cleanse/detox from cutting out refined sugars and start to losing weight. Down 8 pounds. Thanks for making the start easier. Now for the hard part- continuing through better food choices!

Not a favorite.

Too sweet for me

Detox Greens
Jacqueline Danner
Hand picked Raw juice cleanse

I enjoy being able to pick the juice selections of my choice. Juices arrived cold and fresh.

cynthia thompson
Thanks for listening

It was great to have the option to pick the different flavors you like!

10-Day Cleanse Dinner n' Snack

3-day Cleanse--Coconut Fusion

Just to let everybody know I had no problem with this cleanse. The product came on the date I selected. All the bottles were frozen. I did what the instructions said on defrosting the day prior and it was exactly like what was stated on the website. I didn't do it to loose weight (but did lose 7lbs) it was a detox I was doing it for. I have no problem with my purchase and everything was just as the website stated. I will say the green juices are a little more stout to drink then the others. :-)

Skinny Shake
Jennifer Suther
Skinny Shake

I bought 4 bottles in a build a box to try some new flavors. This isn’t my favorite - kinda bitter can’t describe flavor but there is a sour lemon after taste.

Simply delicious

I have no idea how such simple ingredients make the best juices ever! It tastes like freshly squeezed blood oranges without the pulp.

Coconut Fusion
Carmel P.
Best coconut water

Way better than premium store bought coconut water! I even dare to say it is better than sticking a straw directly into a coconut! Sooo yummy!

Spicy Lemonade
Carmel P.
Great flavor

This by far is one of my favorite flavors. The ingredients are so simple that I honestly tried to make it. It did not compare to the actual juice from the raw. It’s just a handful of spiciness and is very subtle yet refreshing.

Great new flavor!

I finally tried the Build a Box and included the raspberry lemonade. It was delicious and filing!

9-Day Vitamin C Juice Cleanse

Eric Forgach
Excited for build a box

So happy I can choose my favorite flavors and make the cleanse that much more enjoyable


Best 10 day juice cleanse I have done. Lost 16 pounds off it while enjoying dinner time with one meal a day!

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