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Not all great

Most of the time I enjoyed juices from Juice from the RAW. I wish there was more varieties in flavor ( I got mostly green detox and sweet greens). I hated all cashew milk beverages though. The consistency is so off and grainy that I couldn't finish drinking it.

Actually Delicious

I was a little worried doing my first ever cleanse but these were really good. I hate beets and I actually liked the upbeet juice. The juice with the charcoal in it I was super worried about too and I really liked it. There wasn't a single one I didn't like.

Raspberry Lemonade
Crystal Thrasher-Cook
Absolutely delicious

Raspberry Lemonade has a nice tartness to it. Per usual it's absolutely delicious and enjoyable to drink.

The juices are very delicious help me to curve my diet great for a meal replacement. I would definitely highly recommend the juices.

10 day

This is the second time with the 10 day. I love it. My stomach is flat. My digestion issues are better. My skin looks brighter.


I enjoyed each juice and couldn’t believe how full I was. Highly recommend.


I love the tumeric health shot! I can't get enough.. .so hard to not drink more than 1 a day, I also feel better the minute I drink it. I am 67 with heart failure, compromised immune system, asthma, diabeties, skin cancer, et al I didnt buy it from here, but got it as a add-on with Factors delivery service.

Love love love

I purchased five day and I enjoy them to the fullest. I felt slimmer. I lost a couple of pounds and I am not swollen as I used to be. Planning on doing it again, possibly two weeks❤️

Megan Richelle
I love this box

I love this option for building a box. There I some flavors I love and some I don’t love but know I need to drink. Building a box helps me pick out exactly what and need at the time.

Great juices

All good except the Cashew coffee one, this is my second time and both times it curdles and just taste bad, I've thrown it out both times, but other then that its great.

Cashew Coffee Milk
Leslie DeRoche

Cashew Coffee Milk

Crystal Thrasher-Cook
Best Juice Cleanse EVA!

I've been using this company for the last 4+ years. They have the best quality, best tasting and fast acting cleanses around. I'm beyond thankful they've created a create your own box so I can get all my favorites at once. Oh and their teas are delicious as well.

Phyllis King

The flavors are all delicious and the juices always come chilled

Tea Cleanse
vershun Chaison

Tea Cleanse

Tea Cleanse
Mary Lyons
It does what it says, and more

I'm impressed with this tea. There's a morning one for every morning, and an evening one to drink every other evening. The evening one says it may have a laxative effect, and I found that to be true, but in a good way. I really love the morning tea. It tastes good, smells wonderful, and is a great energy boost, but for me, it had one unexpected benefit. It suppressed my appetite and leveled my blood sugar all day. Green tea has a similar effect on my blood sugar, but this tea really prevents hunger and cravings, for me. Both teas have a wonderfully refreshing berry flavor and are easy to drink. I will be buying this again.

Must try!

Cleanese Away

Great tasting. After the first day no hunger at all. Feel so much better!


Will buy again

To cheap

Its way to cheap, my child has bought way to many of these and he now acts like a dog hopping on 1 foot. Hes all over the walls please make it more exspesive

Juice Juice

The process was easy and simple. Taste great.

Ms. Johnson

Superb customer service

9-Day Vitamin C Juice Cleanse
Antionette Robbins
Delicious Healthy Drinks

They are very helpful In Weight loss.

Love this!

I am getting married tomorrow and wanted to feel good beforehand. This was a great mix of juices and taste amazing. I don’t use them for a traditional cleanse but in place of a meal/snack. Highly recommend!!!

Mission completed

This is my third experience with your company and so far its beed smooth sailing. My wife and I enjoyed your selection and we are now in After Glow mode.

Sweet Greens

Definitely an enjoyable green drink


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