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Loved it!

Lost 5lbs in 3 days. I didn’t measure inches, but I lost several (I took before/after pics- and there was a noticeable difference). I was never hungry, felt great every day & 100% doing it again, when I come back from vacation!

8-Day Boosting Plan
Angela Fraher
8Day Boosting Plan

The taste is a bit spicy for. Interesting taste though.

Great flavors and it worked

The coconut one is my favorite. Day 1 was tough, but my body adjusted by day 2. I did end up eating a serving of steam veggies each night for dinner because I was still hungry. By day 3, I felt great, light and refreshed. I would recommend and would do it again in the future.

Great experience!

Love the juices, they arrived on time and in good condition. They taste amazing!

I keep coming back

I order these juice cleanses 4 times a year. I wish there was a way I could select which ones I like though.

3-Day Cleanse with Cashew Coffee Milk

Highly Recommend

I tried the 5 day cleanse and am feeling a lot less bloated and have increased energy. Also lost about 10 pounds. The juices were all surprising good too!

Tastes yummy!

Product was very good/ taste was great... no details on how cleanse should be performed. Expensive; but very convenient —> no prep involved other than defrosting. Purchased with Groupon however was no additional cost saving because shipping was very expensive.

10-day Cleanse

Took the 10- Day Cleanse and was extremely please.


I've done several other juice cleanses, and these are the best tasting by far!

Disappointed by swapped juice

We've been buying these juices once or twice a year for several years now. Always have had a great experience until 2 weeks ago. I look forward to the Coconut Fusion. This last batch had Strawberry Coconut Fusion which we did not know about. It was disgusting and undrinkable. I complained to customers service and they basically said, "Yeah, we know. Sorry." That was honestly it. Disappointing to not be able to enjoy the last juice of the day, especially when not having other calories. May not order again if I'm not sure whether we will get what we expect.

3 Day Cleanse

This was a great reset for my tastebuds and my gut. The juice was delicious and kept me feeling energized. Three days was perfect for me!

Very Satisfied

This is a really good juice cleanse. This is my third time purchasing. I’ve always purchased the 3day Beginners Cleanse. I really enjoy all the flavors especially the pineapple mint. I am amazed on how it keeps me full all day!!!

3-Day Juice Cleanse with Probiotics

Not as satisfied as I thought

I didn’t feel that my system was cleansed. Wasn’t a fan of the taste of most of the juices. Although I didn’t ever really feel that hungry while drinking them so that was nice, but I probably won’t buy again:/

Love the juice. It really cleansed your system. Thanks

Great juices

All the juices are very tasty & arrived well kept frozen. I enjoyed the variety & getting to try out ones I would have normally not gotten. Excellent overall!!

8-Day Boosting Plan
katherine laskey
So good!!

Love these shots, they really give me a pick me up !!

Delicious, satisfying juices

All of these juices are delicious. The cashew coffee milk was one of my favorites for flavor, although it does have a bit of a chunky texture. The taste was so good and creamy that I didn’t mind. I found that I only needed 4 of the 6 juices each day for the 3-day cleanse, so I had some leftover that I drank as a snack or made into a smoothie with protein powder and a frozen banana. During the cleanse I was never too hungry and felt satiated with the juice. I highly recommend this 3-day cleanse, especially if you need your coffee in the morning.

Great juice but avoid the Vit C shots

I enjoy their juices and was excited to try the Vit C shots but was unpleasantly surprised. Can you imagine a shot of pure lemon juice with the peppery nature of ginger with a splash of cayenne? They all were the same flavor too. They are horrible and the strong acid actually bothers my stomach and I am a person who can eat hot peppers no problem. Cannot recommend.


This was my first juice cleanse and I loved it! Felt great after, will for sure do it again!

Failing on Day 1

If you don't like the taste of ginger stay away! I'm on Day 1 and don't think I'll make it to day 3. The coffee, blood orange, and passion fruit were great. But the other three I'm gagging getting down because the ginger is too potent

Great power shots

Really enjoyed these shots. The tastes are great. My Vitamin C Health shots came without a label but that was the only issue I had.

MMM, I already miss the juices.

I loved this juice cleanse. I had a little cheat however, each morning I had a cup of black iced coffee no sugar. I needed the morning pick me up. I loved all the juices. The blood orange was a tad bitter but still good. I loved the coconut one, which is weird since I usally don't like coconut drinks. I wish I could buy this seperately so I could have them on hand at home. I felt a decrease in bloating and my digestive system was working better. By day 2 I had a lot more energy. I will do a longer cleanse next time, or do a partial cleanse/healthy meals or snacks.

High expectations but left a bit disappointed!

I was very excited about doing a cleanse and choice RAW based on mix of juices. I love Coconut and it was my least favorite. It tasted horrible I couldn't even drink it. I only enjoyed 3 out of 6 juices. Not having any food the first day left me with a terrible headache and nausea, I believe because of all the sugar from the fruit juices. I wouldn't do a juice cleanse again.

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