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Loved our three day cleanse. Will do again!!

From Blah to TASTY

I have done the 5 day cleanse months ago.There were those bottle of "BLAH" flavors I just had to get through. I commented about it. No body ever got back to me. Although, I just recently purchased the same 5 day. I was pleasantly surprised that the "BLAH" flavors, weren't "BLAH". THEY WERE REALLY TASTY!!!

Vitamin c cleanse

I loved this one. Great flavors and easy to do! Someone should warn about how SOUR that shot is! It took me off guard and burned my throat. I put the rest of them into the juices to cut the strong sour.

3-Day Juice Cleanse with Coconut Fusion + Shots

So happy with the flavor of each juice! Will be buying again!

Good probiotic juice

I have a sensitivity to ginger and a few juices have it so those did not work well for me. There were only 2 juices per day that a actually had the probiotics in them and they were very good. Was not a big fan of the strawberry coconut fusion it showed plain coconut but says you could get a different flavor so should have told you what flavor you were getting
Overall good

Love juicing from the Raw!

Never thought I could fall in love with juicing until I tried JFTR! I love this product! I feel better and I'm living a better healthy life style! Can't thank you all enough!

Wonderful kick start

I love this juice fast! I was able to kick start a healthier and more gradual weight loss by drastically reducing my cravings for salt/sweet things. I would say my only suggestion would be to offer some lower sugar options for later in the process as my tolerance for sugar went WAY down. I would dilute the juice after day 5 in fact. Excellent and tasty

Great juices

These RAW juices were amazing! Definitely was not expecting them to be so delicious!

Love it

Best juice ever

the only Juice that makes u feel FULL

fast shipping! juices are awesome except for upbeet! will definitely order again soon!!

10 stars!

I think I’d have to say that this is my favorite juice cleanse! I absolutely love the cbd touch on the two juices!! They are so delicious and refreshing! I bought this cleanse a couple of times just to have those juices as drink because I enjoy it so much!

Favorite juice cleanse

I’ve done quite a few cleanses and before discovering juice from the raw I would make my own. I could not be happier to have come across this company and their products. It’s tastes just as if I juiced the fruits and veggies myself. I loved every juice in this cleanse and will absolutely be purchasing again!


My girlfriend loved it

I don't drink coffee so I don't like the cashew/coffee. And I had an allergic reaction to the strawberry/coconut one

Just The Right Amount

9-Day 2 Juices per day plus an immune vitamin C shots per day was perfect. Just the right amount to help maintain high energy levels throughout my day. Easier to transport to work two bottles per day. Really great for fasting. Perfect fit for smaller refrigerator freezers. The pure vitamin C shots were just like sucking into a lemon. Loved this cleanse, definitely recommend. Loved the juice variety .

Great cleanse

I thought I’d be hungry, but the juices were filling and they tasted good. Saved me money on groceries, cooking and cleaning. Great 5 days and looking forward to doing it again. 

10 day cleanse

I loved all the juices. Everything tasted delicious. My favorite was the spicy lemonade.

3-Day Juice Cleanse with Coconut Fusion + Shots


Amazing tasting and product, plus I'm on day 4 of 5 just the juices and I feel great! I personally recommend to anyone, and I'm looking to do this once a year or every 6 months, but it just depends on how I feel.

Great cleanse

The juices tasted pretty good. I was not hungry. I would do it again.

They all taste so good and clean!


I wanted to kick start my weight lose and just drop a quick 10 lbs. I’m on day 5 and am down 7 lbs. some of the juices are thicker than others and some very sour or bitter but overall, not bad. This is my first time and after the purchase I got nervous that the 10 day may have been a little too ambitious but it’s very doable. It’s all a mind game and really makes you aware of bad eating habits that I was doing without realizing it. I would recommend it for a good detox.

This was hard

Honestly this was very hard going from a normal 2200 calorie plan. This plan kept me under 900! I was tried, sluggish, and unable to keep up mentally with things. However my body feels great. I have dropped a good amount of weight and the body fat % has also gone doing showing it’s the right weight dropping. Only flavor I found harsh was the coconut fusion but then again I have never been a fan of coconut so that’s just me. Thank you raw for this cleanse. Difficult but worth it!

5 day cleanse

Juices are really good!!

Delicious and healthy

I love Juice from the Raw. The juices are delicious and makes the cleanse much more exciting and palatable.

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