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Feeling awesome and lite

5-Day Juice Cleanse n’ Lunch

Delicious & Fast Delivery

Every juice was delicious. Even Up Beet! And I usually hate beets. I don't drink them to lose weight. I've been drinking them to incorporate more fruit, vegetables and good nutrients into my diet. I've ordered the 10 day cleanse twice. I usually drink them all in under a week because like I said I'm drinking them for the nutrients not for weight loss.

14-Day Teatox

I have done the juice cleanses before and felt the effects! But, I am on day 13 of the 14 day tea tox, and I will say that I see nothing of a change in any sort…. Don’t think I could recommend the teas….

Most are good

I am not new to juicing both making at home and store bought. I enjoyed most of them although I am not sure all as nutricional y dense but it was yummy to have passion fruit and blood Orange. There was one I just couldn’t not drink, the green detox had an off putting smell that I couldn’t get passed, again, I have made that juice with dandelion greens, kale, pineapple, celery etc….I even add more greens to mine as I add parsley and mint but this one smells rancid. The cashew milk which o was so looking forward to was ok; the taste was ok but the texture was not good. It had a grainy and pasty thing going so I had to pass it thru a fine colander to filter it and make it drinkable. So 4 out of the 6 juices are good, hence my rating.

Love it. But probs not again.

This is my second juice cleanse, wanted to try a 5 day compared to the 3 day. I love the juices, but compared to the other juice cleanse I tried I'm unsure; I liked previously ending the day with a protein type juice, for sustinence through the night, and this cleanse doesnt have that, so I'm always starving, except right after my "vegan salad" Other than that I do like it, not sure how I feel about juice cleansing in general still.

14-Day Teatox
Pat Martinez
The Product I did receive was great

Been trying to get credit for the tea for a bit. The juice tested good and was ample at 16 oz. Will order again.

First Detox, Made easy!

Have priced other juices and for the number of juice and the price is very reasonable. I was not disappointed by ease of order, shipping or taste. Will be trying or a longer detox soon!

3-day juice cleanse with probiotics

Great quick service, nice product, good taste. I did 1-day cleanses. As far as “cleansing”, didnt notice anything special tbh, but they are nice juices, hydrating. I did this as part of “dry September”- worked out well for this purpose. I wasn't able to pick the delivery date and the box was waiting for me all day, but the juices were well packed and didn't completely thaw.

Tastes great!

My third time with this product. I always feel great and full for the most part. Don’t dislike any of the flavors. A quick way to jump start a new diet program. Will purchase again a d recommend.

Not the best tasting juice cleanse...

I've been doing juice cleanses for decades so I know what to expect. The order was delivered on time and well packaged. And the 3-Day cleanse had enough juice to extend to a 4 day cleanse.
My biggest disappointment was with the flavor. I love juicing so I was pretty surprised that it didn't taste better. I get that the point is to detox, but there are plenty of other juice cleanses that are tasty so I won't order from them again.
I also prefer for more specific directions. The Pressed Juicery signifies certain juices for certain times of the day and I find it easy to follow and takes the guess work out of it.

Easier than I thought

Juices were tasty and tmI got through the cleanse with more ease than I thought. Used it to kick off my healthy eating.

9-Day Vitamin C Juice Cleanse
Kimberley Gonzalez

I love the 9 day Vitamin C juices. They are all delicious flavors!

8-Day Boosting Plan
Donalda Byrom
Three Day Raw Juice Cleanse w/Shots

I’m so happy that I trusted Juice From the Raw as my first ceanse experience. It was great from start to finish. I enjoyed the juices and the shots in between very much. I was never hungry and felt energized and refreshed at the end of the three days. Kelly from customer Service was very helpful and I’ll be ordering The 3 Day Cashew Coffee Milk Cleanse today and the 14 Day Detox Teas. I look forward to trying all of their other juice cleanses in the future. I’m thinking of buying a small freezer just so that I can have these on hand whenever I want they’re that good! Thank you Juice From the Raw!


This was my 3rd purchased, somehow all bottle stains with red color of liquid. The corner of bag was damaged! Previous 2 purchased juice i was satisfied, thus i recommended to my friends. But this time i
Am unsatisfied and I am debating if i need to trash all the juice you sent to me since i am not sure if any of bottles got damaged!

I love the soups

I really LOVE these soups! So much better than their juices! Hope they bring back the soups, since I don’t like their juices.


Not really a cleanse- fast (don’t eat or drink sugary juices) and drink water is the best

3-Day Juice Cleanse with Probiotics

Delicious !

I enjoyed the 3 day cleanse however, the 3 bottles of beet juice seemed to overfilled abs expanded when frozen abs leaked all over my refrigerator! Whst a mess! Since they expanded abs leaked, I was afraid to drink fir fear they had gotten bad from whatever opening happened!

I prefer the 3 day, no lunch cleanse.

I felt as though I was cheating eating the vegan salad for lunch everyday. Didn't get the same effects/Feelings as when I do the 3 Day cleanse with cashew milk coffee (NO LUNCH) when I'm cleansing, I'd just prefer not to eat anything. That's just my personal opinion. However, I will say that the "Pineapple, apple, mint" & the "Coconut Fusion" were ABSOLUTELY TO DIE FOR. Like I'm not kidding or over exaggerating, they were absolutely delicious! I even emailed to ask if i could buy a pack of just those. (Which I was told you cannot) but anyways, if you can't go without eating, this one's probably for you. I, however, do prefer the 3 day no lunch cleanse.

Good but I didn’t want CBD product

The juices are decent flavor. Straight forward process 👍🏽

Maintenance Greens
Jamilah McCluney
Good juice

Bottles were very sticky this time and I had to rinse them all before I could enjoy them.

My Second Cleanse!

I did my first 5-Day Juice Cleans n' Lunch in June to jump start my weight loss journey and it was wonderful. The juices are fantastic and taste great. Because they are so fulfilling, there were times when I could not drink all four in a day (on top of the water).
My husband recently had bariatric surgery in order to lose weight. To support him during his liquid diet phase, I decided to do another 5 Day Juice Cleanse at the same time.
I would highly recommend Juice from the Raw for anyone who wants to try a cleanse.
The Sweet Greens are one of my favorites.

No good

Taste so good!!

Picked up a 5 day supply 3 times now and love this product!! 🤘🏻

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