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Group and corporate rates

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We are the BEST priced and BEST cleanse around the block, but we will drop our prices even further if you bring your friends and family along for the ride! Use this coupon to enjoy our SUPER SALE!!

Corporate Cleanse

It is very well known that a good employee strives in a good business environment. Keep your employees healthy by offering cleanses from Juice from the Raw. Cleansing will increase everyone’s energy, productivity, and creativity, making the workplace a healthier, more successful environment.

You’ll benefit from the collective support and motivation from your colleagues. You will also benefit from our 56-60% discount that we offer (3-7 cleanses 56% off. 7+ cleanses 60% off).

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* For shipping clients, discount applies to cost of juice only, not to shipping costs.

7+ Orders at 60% OFF


Bring along your pals!!

Best way to get through a cleanse is to have a support team with you. When you bring along a few friends, not only will it be an easier cleanse, it’ll be a great bonding experience.

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