Three Superfoods You Didn’t Know Have Detox Powers

Three Superfoods You Didn’t Know Have Detox Powers

Thanks to internet and countless list-organized articles, we all have a pretty clear idea of what foods boast detoxifying qualities. Most of them come in the green color. Then there is also garlic, almonds and, of course, grapefruit—those are all reliable detox champs, known to the general public for their health-boosting abilities.

Here at Juice From The Raw we decided to focus on other, lesser-known superfoods that will detox your body better than a master cleanse. Some of these just blew our mind away.

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Fruit salad made of raspberries, strawberries and coconut in a papaya

This tropical fruit is so sweet and delicious, we feel guilty just looking at it—”sweet” means “sugars and carbs”, right? Well, it’s not that bad—one small-sized papaya has only 67 calories. What this fruit has in abundance is antioxidant properties, fiber content, vitamin C and an enzyme called papain. That last one works wonders when it comes to digestion. In short, high water content plus fiber plus laxative abilities equal a total body detox.  

How To Consume:

Mix peeled and cubed papaya with our Coconut Fusion juice. You can even add some flax seed and a kick of agave syrup for extra sweetness.

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green powder in two plastic cups

Mo...what? Unless you religiously follow all the newest nutrition & wellness trends, the recent moringa raze might not have reached yet. The latest talk of the town, not only does this green powder-ish instance look weird—it tastes weird, too.  Foodie experts describe moringa as “sweetness, followed by a bitter and tangerine taste.” Is it worth it? Apparently, yes—scientists claim that just one spoonful of moringa powder equals a full serving of vegetables. According to Organic Veda, moringa leaf powder will also your body a mild detox: “Researchers found that the detoxification is not a purgative but functions as a cathartic and laxative." Which, even you translate it to basic English, means “less headaches and nausea, more bathroom runs.”

How To Consume:

Our juices are already detoxifying enough so if you’d like to add moringa to your food regimen, just sprinkle a spoonful on top of your salad or add in a green smoothie of your choice—just like you’d do with chia seeds.


a hot dog with mustard on top

Now, isn’t this one a shocker? Next thing we’ll hear is that Nathan’s hot dogs can cleanse our bodies, too! And yet, it turns out that mustard boasts so many detoxifying properties that some people are even taking mustard baths (yep, it’s a thing.) Nutritionists claim that mustard can actually help in supporting the natural detox system of your body—thanks to the presence of powerful antioxidants and fiber content.  And then, there is also the much-coveted calorie burn boosting effect. “Eating just one teaspoon can boost your metabolism by up to 25 percent for several hours,” reports Eat This, Not That.

How To Consume:

Just pour it on top of a hot dog! Just kidding. Choose leaner protein—like turkey or chicken breast—and marinade it in mustard. Caveat: certain brands tend to have too much sodium. When shopping for this condiment, look for mustard with no more than 65 mg of sodium per teaspoon.

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