Better, Stronger, Faster—What Juice Is Perfect For Your Workout?

Better, Stronger, Faster—What Juice Is Perfect For Your Workout?

“Drink lots of veggie juice,” they said. “Anything green is good for your body,” they said. Indeed, when the choice is between a can of soda and a bottle of whatever plant-based organic liquid, the advantage of the latter is obvious. But what if you are an athlete with ambitious workout goals?

In this case, not only does your food need to be “healthy.” Every morsel or sip you consume need to serve a bigger purpose - enhancing your performance. Choosing a bottle of juice, then, is more of a complicated science. You need to supply your body with a particular set of vitamins, nutrients or enzymes, depending on what sport it is you are into—weight lifting, CrossFit or yoga.

Here at Juice From The Raw we have compiled this ultimate athlete’s cheat sheet for choosing a juice that fits your particular fitness goals.

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man preparing to lift weights

Goal: Building Muscle and Strength

Best Juice Ingredients: Beets, nuts

A study conducted at Kansas State University says that those athletes who drink beet juice experience a significant blood flow increase to the so-called “fast twitch” muscles—the ones that affect bursts of speed and strength. So, drink your beets, lift heavier, and “beet” the competition, eh? And with nuts, it is a no-brainer, really—those are high in protein, so any nut milk, be it almond, cashew, or walnuts, will work great as building blocks for your muscle.

The bottom line: before the workout, grab any organic juice that contains beets, and after the workout, enjoy any drink that’s based on a nut milk.

Juice From The Raw options: UpBeet! tonic, Cashew Milk Brew



athlete preparing to start running

Goal: Endurance

Best Juice Ingredients: Kale, spinach

We know, we know—you are probably sick of nutritionists begging you to eat kale and spinach. The thing is, dark leafy greens contain all the elements your body needs to boost the endurance levels. What’s more, they will also help to speed recovery, raise your energy levels and prevent possible muscle loss—exactly what you will be needing after that gruesome five-mile run.

The bottom line—go for any organic green juice combo that contains dark leafy greens AND fruit, like apple or pineapple, to give your body some fast absorbing carbs.

Juice From The Raw options: Sweet Greens


woman on a beach doing yoga

Goal: Improving Flexibility

Best Juice Ingredients: Ginger, citrus

Oh, the full splits, coveted by many, mastered by few. The key to achieving an ultimate flexibility is improving blood circulation, and the secret ingredients here are citrus fruit and ginger. The latter is particularly famous for its abilities to promote flexibility because it has a stimulating effect on the circulatory system.

Juice From The Raw options: Spicy Lemonade

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