Water Science – Four Secrets To A More Effective Body Hydration

Water Science – Four Secrets To A More Effective Body Hydration

Hydrating one’s body isn’t really a rocket science. Just drink eight glasses of water a day—seriously, can the task be any simpler?

Well, as it’s always the case with the simplest chores, the 8-glass rule comes with caveats and complications. Dutifully emptying that 2-liter measuring bottle by the end of the day isn’t enough to ensure that your body benefits the most from the water intake. The timing counts, the type of water counts – what can we say, proper and effective hydration is a science. Here at Juice From The Raw we compiled four effective tricks that will help you hydrate your body like a champ.

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Timing is everything

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Unfortunately, skipping three hours without a sip and then downing two glasses worth in a single gulp doesn’t count. The key to the proper hydration is consistency. If you feel slightly thirsty, it means you’ve already failed to give your body sufficient amount of water.

So, yes—you will need to set a reminder on your phone, interrupt whatever it is you are doing every hour and drink a small portion regularly. The downside—your work colleagues will possibly start referring to you as “the aquaholic weirdo”. The benefits will include improved blood circulation and faster metabolism.

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Savor your water

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As in – sip it, don’t chug it. At least, this is the correct way of drinking water, according to Ayurveda. And here’s why. Our bellies contain Hydrochloric acid - whereas our saliva is alkaline. Basically, the saliva is supposed to stabilize the acid in our bodies. Now, if you chug that water, it doesn’t come in contact with the saliva. As a result, little alkaline, if any, reaches the stomach. Complicated, eh? The bottom line is, savor your water – just like your mom used to tell you.

Drink it hot

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Buying ice-cold bottles seems like a natural move, especially in the summer heat. Unfortunately, all these gallons of icy water don’t do much for your body. If you want to reap the benefits such as weight loss and radiant-looking skin, the secret here would be drinking hot water. Yuk, we know. And yet, it is hot water that helps maintaining healthy metabolism and helps with digestion. What’s more, hot water might just be the cheapest way to detoxify your body and cleanse your skin.

Eat your water

glass of water with a lemon wedge

Drinking lots of water is great. Flushing out lots of electrolytes and minerals isn't. All these folks that caution against over hydration—they actually make sense. So, what's the reasonable compromise? Retain the toxins or lose stomach micro flora and other useful elements? Easy—enrich your water by adding mineral-rich sea salt and ionic minerals. Another fun option is infusing water with fruit, herbs and even flowers—here you can find some great tips on how to infuse your water.

And, of course, don't forget about other ways to stay hydrated. Fruit and vegetables, for example, contain in insane amount of water—especially cucumbers, lettuce, courgettes and radishes.

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