If You Think A 3 Day Juice Cleansing Diet Isn't For You, Then You Must Read This...

If You Think A 3 Day Juice Cleansing Diet Isn't For You, Then You Must Read This...

Have you ever thought about doing a 3 day juice cleanse? Are you afraid that you may not be able to commit to one? It's actually a lot easier than it sounds. Don't think of it as having to “give up” your favorite foods for three days. You are actually gifting your body with only super nutritious juices for a preselected amount of time.

What Exactly Is A Cleanse?

A 3 day long juice cleanse allows you to give yourself a quick health boost without having to make a huge time commitment in return. It's only a few days long and if you want, you can take a long weekend to complete the juice feast & go back to work feeling refreshed.

What Does The Cleanse Do For You?

Juice fasts allow you to kick your sugar addictions to the curb, lose a few pounds, get back into the habit of eating healthier meals, and they give you a ton of much needed energy. There are plenty more health benefits to juice feasting, but those are some of the most obvious advantages to cleansing.

What Do I Have To Do?

You don't have to do anything more than to drink your juices. After you receive them, you can start your cleanse or keep them frozen until you're ready to start. You want to make sure to drink plenty of water while cleansing to help keep you hydrated. Some people report having more success when they do the cleanse during their work week because keeping busy distracts them from thinking about food. You'll be drinking 6 juices per day, so you'll have plenty of fuel to get you through the day.

If you're new to cleansing, then a 3 day juice cleanse is a fantastic detox to start with. You don't have to dedicate a large chunk of time to start improving your health. You'll love the results you get from doing a cleanse and you can always do a longer one in the future if you choose to.

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