Juicer Q&A: Carol Kuster

Juicer Q&A: Carol Kuster

The gorgeous Carol Kuster is a Brazilian-American certified personal fitness trainer based in Florida. The mother of two beautiful daughters, Carol is also a functional trainer and Zumba instructor. She's spreading healthy vibes to her fans across social media, so it was a match made in heaven when the Brazilian bombshell tasted our juices. We asked her a few questions about her juicing experience and here's what she had to say below:

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Juice From the RAW: Have you ever done a juice cleanse before? If not, what motivated you to seek out a juice cleanse?

Carol Kuster: I tried a juice cleanse before, but changed my mind soon after my very first bottle... it tasted super bad, I had decided it wasn't for me.

JFTR: If you have done a cleanse before, how does Juice from the RAW compare to the others?

CK: I must confess I was a little skeptical due to my first experience with another cleanse, but the fact that Juice From the RAW offers a variety of flavors made me take a second chance and I'm so glad I did! Every single one of them taste surprisingly delicious!

JFTR: Which cleanse did you do and what was your favorite juice flavor?

CK: I did the Whenever Cleanse with Coconut Fusion. Like I said before, they all taste so good it was hard to pick one, but the Coconut Fusion felt like a treat!

JFTR: Did you use the juices as a cleanse or any other way (in a smoothie, as a snack, etc?).

CK: Since this was very curious to see the results of the program I followed the directions of the full cleanse. And boy, I'm so glad I did! 
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JFTR: Can you give us a daily  rundown on how you felt during the three days of your cleanse? Did you lose weight? Did you have more energy? Etc. 

CK: I am a fitness instructor and I have a very active schedule, staying busy helped me not to get anxious about eating. Felt very energized and by the second day I couldn't believe how flat my belly looked! It helped me shed the unnecessary water weight and sodium retention.

JFTR: Would you do this juice cleanse again?

CK: Absolutely! Very excited about my next cleanse!

JFTR: If you could describe Juice from the RAW juices in one word, what would it be?

CK: Delightful!

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