Juicer Q&A: Miranda Rodriguez

Juicer Q&A: Miranda Rodriguez
Miranda Rodriguez is as close to a champion as you can get. A graduate of Ohio State University, Miranda struggled with her weight and body image all throughout high school. That all changed when she entered college to pursue a degree in human nutrition and personal training. Miranda has created her own empire since. She currently offers personal training, workout programs, and nutritional coaching in the Columbus, OH area — with clients raving about her services, of course. Miranda continues to inspire and motivate her clients not only at the gym but also her large social media following to live a healthy and a well-balanced life.

We asked Miranda a few questions after she tried our cleanse for the second time and here's what she had to say!

miranda rodriguez sitting at table with juice from the raw bottle

Juice From the RAW: Have you ever done a juice cleanse before? If not, what motivated you to seek out a juice cleanse?

Miranda Rodriguez:
Before trying Juice From the RAW, I had tried various juices but not day long cleanses. I was motivated to find a juice cleanse after feeling sluggish and wanted to restart my digestive system and clear my body of toxins.

: Which cleanse did you do and what was your favorite juice flavor?

I have done both the Whenever Cleanse and the Believer cleanse. My favorite juice flavor is the pineapple mint!

JFTR: Did you use the juices as a cleanse or any other way (in a smoothie, as a snack, etc?).

MR: I'll be honest, juice cleanses are not for the weak minded. Especially if you are used to eating filling foods like complex carbs and sodium. I was hungry but I kept busy and tried not to think about it and focused on the positives. I did lose about 5 lbs in the three days. A lot of that is unnecessary water weight, sodium retention, and clearing your body of unwanted fat and toxins. The KEY is how you reintroduce whole foods after the cleanse! You will get the most out of it if you listen to Juice From the RAW's recommendations for both during and after your cleanse :)

JFTR: Would you do this juice cleanse again?

Yes! I have done the cleanse numerous times and will continue to do so.

JFTR: If you could describe Juice from the RAW juices in one word, what would it be?


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