Superfood Spotlight: Dandelions

Superfood Spotlight: Dandelions

4 Reasons To Be Blown Away By Dandelions

At Juice From the RAW, we’d like to think we’re experts when it comes to the so called superfoods, especially since we love to use them in our cold pressed juices. But that doesn’t mean everyone knows and understands all their health benefits. That’s why we’re here to shed some light on our favorite ingredients and in turn help you discover something new — whether in our juices or at your local food market!

Yes, you read that right. Dandelions. You’re probably used to seeing dandelions growing in fields or your mom’s garden but the guy (or gal!) who thought to create dandelion tea was onto something. As of late, dandelions have made an appearance outside teacups and gardens. More and more menus around the country are featuring the slightly bitter, earthy-tasting, sprout-like flower: chefs are throwing them into salads, smoothies, soups, and even appear as garnishes for dishes such as risotto and pasta. At Juice From the RAW, we use dandelion greens in our juices to help bring the most of their health benefits to you.

Here are 4 reasons why we’re obsessing over dandelion:

1. Hungry For More

One of the greatest things about the pesky weeds is that every part of the plant can be consumed and each part provides a different health benefit. The leaves contain a hefty amount of calcium. The roots, typically used in teas and even herbal coffees, can stimulate appetite and help with digestion by increasing the release of bile and stomach acid. Not to mention, it balances all the natural and beneficial bacterias in the intestines.

2. Mighty Minerals

These garden intruders are some of the best sources for organic magnesium, a key nutrient in building healthy cells and tissues, especially lung tissue. Some experts believe they are also filled with more calcium than your typical leafy greens. The little guys are also a great source of potassium, zinc, and iron, an excellent transporter of oxygen throughout the body. So if you remember anything from chemistry, you can already tell that this superfood is checking off all the good stuff on the periodic table.

superfood white dandelion on a green grass blur background

3. Natural Cleanser

Dandelions have diuretic properties make this superfood a potent liver and blood cleanser. Research shows that dandelion roots help to detoxify the gallbladder and liver, while helping to improve liver function by getting rid of all toxins and reestablishing electrolyte and hydration balance. The diuretic properties also make dandelions your go-to if you suffer from high blood pressure

4. The ABCs

Vitamins? They’ve got ‘em. A, B, C, and D can all be found in the Taraxacum officinale (aka dandelion in science-language). They are excellent sources of beta-carotene, which our bodies convert to vitamin A in our livers. To top that off, dandelions carry some of the highest amounts of vitamin A among culinary herbs, that’s roughly 338% of the daily recommended intake, aka a lot.

So the next time you make a wish on a dandelion, pause to marvel at the delicate yet mighty powers of this superfood...then wish away! Looking to taste our dandelion greens yourself? Click here for your chance to receive 55% off your next purchase

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